The KK Slider Cover Project, Volume 1

by Aurelia XO and Rekcahdam

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I have decided to undertake a project of writing lyrics for KK Slider songs from the amazing Nintendo game Animal Crossing. I do not own the songs, but I did write the lyrics.

[Special Thanks]

I cannot give enough thanks to my good friend Rekcahdam for making the instrumentals, as well as inspiring me to put my work online for others to enjoy.

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released January 23, 2016

Composer: Kazumi Totaka
Lyrics: Aurelia XO
Instrumental: Rekcahdam



all rights reserved


Aurelia XO Tokyo, Japan

I am a singer, writer, artist, gamer, cosplayer and crazy cat lady currently living in Japan. I love video games and making songs based on them!

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Track Name: K.K. Ballad
Today's the day you go away,
To seek your path in this world,
And to find your life's true meaning.
So now's the time when I can say,
What I have known in my heart,
I can't let you go til I tell you my feelings.

Since we were young you've been my friend;
Each day we met by the tree,
And we walked to school together.
Oh how I thought it'd never end,
These special times that we shared--
How naive I was to think they'd last forever.

I will try to understand
Just why you must say goodbye and move on
But before you go I just want to tell you...

For all these years you've always been
The one I hold in my hopes
And the dreams I wish to come true.
So if I don't see you again,
Please don't forget all we've shared,
And believe me when I will say that I love you.
Track Name: K.K. Cruisin'
Aurelia XO:
With my friends one night,
When he caught my eye
(Who's this boy across the room like)
He flashed me a smile
Said he liked my style

He asked me to dance,
Didn't have the chance.
Friends said they were movin' on so,
Asked him for his name,
Never felt the same.

He's got me crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy
Just can't get you off my mind
I'm crazy, crazy, crazy, so crazy, crazy, crazy...

(Phone conversation)

The other day was like,
Girl I ain't never met nobody fine as you
Ain't no mystery to solve,
I think you got the clue.
I can tell you into me,
You can tell I'm into you.
So we can do all the things
You got the time to do.
But you was with your friends,
And I was with my crew--
Ever since that day,
I can't get over you.
So when we link up?
It's way overdue
Was hopin' I could pick you up at 8
So we could take a cruise...

Aurelia XO:

You've got me crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy
Just can't get you off my mind
I'm crazy, crazy, crazy, so crazy, crazy, crazy

Can't wait til we're cruisin' together.

Crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy
Just can't get you off my mind
I'm crazy, crazy, crazy, so crazy, crazy, crazy...
Track Name: Forest Life
Birds flying through the sky,
Flowers that smell so sweet,
Places like this just make my life complete.

Leaves flutter in the wind,
Animals here and there,
How good it feels to breathe this forest air.


I hear a lovely song,
Echoing through the breeze,
Beckoning me to sing among the trees.

City life got me blue,
Everything cold and gray,
Making me wish I could get away.

Relaxing in the grass,
I feel my spirit sing,
Bringing me joy on this fine day in spring.

Thanks to this forest life,
I'm feeling so serene.
Sometimes to heal, all you need is green.
Track Name: K.K. Lament
Never will I see | That smile on your face
Never will I feel | The warmth of your embrace
Only can I dwell | In what's taken their place
Since the day that you said goodbye.

You said that the pain | Wouldn't last very long
You said that the tears | They would dry on their own
You said that my heart | Would find love if I'm strong
On the day that you said goodbye.

If I had known what would happen that day
I would never have treated you so.
If I had known that you'd leave me alone
I would only have let our love grow.
But now you're gone, and you should know...

Life without your love | Is a gray dreary sky
Live without your love | Is a well gone dry
So I will sing my song | With a tear in my eye
From the day that you said goodbye.

Never will I see | That smile on your face
Never will I feel | The warmth of your embrace
So only can I dwell | In what's taken their place
Since the day that you said goodbye.
Track Name: Only Me
Tears in my eyes,
Pain in my heart.
I should have known
Right from the start,
That you'd be leavin' me, all alone now
How can you not even see
All the pain you left behind?

You were the one,
That I adored.
How could you just
Walk out the door?
Without you I don't know, how to move on
I just cannot let you go,
All these tears have left me blind.

Deep in my soul,
I know I'll carry on.
You wanted to be free,
And now it's only me,
So long...

Tears in my eyes,
Slowly they fall.
Some say that time,
It will heal all.
So now I'm waiting here, for the day when
All this pain will disappear
And I'll find my peace of mind.
Track Name: K.K. Swing
Diamonds are falling from her hands,
Just like the tears from her eyes.
The subtle beauty of her face
Is glimmering softly as she cries.

All of her pearls are on the floor,
The color of sweet champagne.
All of the splendor of those jewels
Do nothing to soothe her...

The pain in her heart so strong now,
Can she move on?
The riches that she so wanted
Mean nothing...

Without her love no gem can hide
The sorrow deep in her heart.
Maybe someday the tears will dry,
And then she can find a brand new start...
Track Name: Stale Cupcakes
Oh, how the stars in the sky
They light the way to you
And you to I

Oh, how they twinkle up above
Shining for you and me
Illuminating our love.

Sometimes, I think you belong up there,
Soaring through the open air
A firefly, an angel, you are...

Oh, you're a beautiful star
And I can only hope
To always stay where you are.
Track Name: Marine Song 2001
I am a lonely sailor roaming o'er the ocean blue,
Hoping that someday I will see again my love so true.
The fates have taken me so far from her side,
When I will return is the choice of the tide.

Every day I beg the winds to bring me back to shore,
But til that day comes I will journey ever more.

I met my lover on the cliffs that overlook the sea,
She was the most beautiful sight that there could ever be.
I told her of the love I felt in my heart,
Asking her to wait for me, although we'd be apart...

Every night the tears fall down while thinking of my love,
Hoping that we both are praying to the stars above.

It has been five long years since last I saw my love's sweet face.
Upon the sea I can but dream about her warm embrace.
Someday I'll reach my home and find her waiting there,
Ever faithful through all her years of despair...
Track Name: Space K.K.
Let us float, through outer space
The earth will spin beneath us, stars light your face

In the sky, we'll finally be
Away from all our sorrow, right here we're free

Let us float, through outer space
The earth will spin beneath us, our worries underneath us
Away from all our sorrow, so let us face tomorrow
Right here we've found our place now, let's become one with space now

(Stars will glitter all around, the stars will glitter all around...)

Let us float, through outer space
The earth will spin beneath us, stars light your face

In the sky, we'll finally be
Away from all our sorrow, right here we're free

Look around, at all this light
It shines for us forever, become the night...
Track Name: K.K. Dirge
Darkness has fallen, the bells are calling
Cold moonlight shining, the dead arising

Monsters are growling, the wolves are howling
Warning of danger, night's full of strangers

Keep away from the graveyard tonight
Now's the time when the dead come to life

Something's behind you, they'll never find you...
Track Name: K.K. Dixie
My best girl, she knows all of the ways to my heart.
She will use them every day.
There is no way I can escape her love--
She is the one with whom my heart will stay.

Yes she knows how I cannot say no to a kiss
Or refuse an apple pie,
And when she sings, I know where I belong.
She is so sweet, it makes me want to cry.

Well, maybe she knows
I'm a ne'er-do-well bloke,
No money to my name.
And maybe she will leave me for someone better,
But if she did well I would go and let her.

Because my girl deserves all of the joy in the world,
And should she find that with me,
I would sing out for every soul to hear,
And we would live ever so happily.

My best girl, she is the only one who I love,
And I tell her every day.
There is nothing I would not do for her,
And in return I only hope...
That together we shall stay.
Track Name: K.K. Lullaby
Now the stars are shining bright
Just for you, just for you
Rest now in their gentle light,
Make your dreams come true.

Now my love, time to sleep
Rest your weary head so far.
Close your eyes, don't you weep,
All is calm now.

If your dreams should make you quake,
Mother's here, Mother's here
'Til the moment that you wake
Ever is she near.


Angels watch your smiling face
From above, from above
Safe in Mother's warm embrace,
Sleep now in their love.
Track Name: Steep Hill
I walked the path up to the steepest hill,
So I could wait for you
And we could brave the dark together.
I left my home and all I know behind
All for my love for you
So won't you please come too and you can...

Walk with me?
Won't you walk with me?
For this darkness will not pass
Without you by my side.
Hold my hand
You can hold my hand
And I will not let you go...
Til the dawn.

There are no stars up in the midnight sky
The clouds all hide the moon
There's nothing here to lead to safety.
But if you'd only take me by the hand,
Then we could walk this path
And someday we'd reach home, so won't you...

Walk with me?
Oh, please walk with me
For the darkness grips my heart
Without you by my side.
Hold my hand
If you hold my hand
Then together we will stay...
Til the dawn.
Track Name: Two Days Ago
Now we are at the end
The time has come, my friend
To say goodbye, say goodbye, please don't cry...

We have come a long way
From who we were yesterday
We've come so far, come so far, here we are...

This is our moment
We are living in the present
But I won't forget
Just how much your friendship means to me...

I'll recall through the years
All of the joys and the tears
That we both shared, we both shared, we've been there...

You have always been there for me
Someday I hope that you can see
Just what it means, what it means, can't you see...

You're my friend, 'til the end, 'til the end.
Track Name: K.K. Sonata
On the night I saw you in the garden
Of the house where we would spend our sweet summer days,
In your face, I found something I wanted:
Beauty that I never thought that I could ever know.

How I longed to see you every moment.
How I dreamed of life together, you by my side.
How I wished that you would find me handsome;
Someone you would want to spend your days with all along.

But one day, when I had planned to tell you
Of how much you meant to my weary heart,
It was then I found you with another,
Holding hands and speaking of the love you'd always shared.

Suddenly my soul grew cold, and
All of the dreams that I'd held of you crashed to the ground.
My heart has turned to stone.
Fore'er I'll be alone.

Why won't you ever love me?
How I cared for you dearly.
Now this garden only brings new tears
To my eyes.
Track Name: K.K. Stroll
Walkin' along in the sunshine, and I see
Everything here is so fine,
The feeling so free.

Stayin' inside on a day so enticing
Simply would feel like a crime,
So come out with me.

Take a walk with me through this happy town,
Forget the troubles bringing you down.

Come see the shore where the waves are a-crashing,
Let's catch a fish on the beach,
Our feet in the sea.

Let's enjoy all the beauty of the day,
Don't let your worries get in your way.

Pick an apple from a tree,
Take a bite and saving all the sweetness,
Grab one for me.

As the sun is setting we can lie,
Watch the stars come out,
Creating pictures over the sky...

Oh what a wonderful life.
Track Name: K.K. Waltz
Children, ever beware
Never should you roam too far from here.
For evil beckons away,
Waiting for souls that have gone astray.

When night falls o'er the town,
Calling the spirits that lurk around,
The moonlight casting a spell,
Waking the demons from where they dwell.

Sunlight brings all the hope of the morning,
Beautiful flowers are blooming,
And the land becomes joyful.

Children, always remember this warning,
For when the darkness is falling,
'Tis when wickedness comes.

As day comes to an end,
All of the creatures of Hell descend.
So never stray far from home,
Or with the dead you are sure to roam.

So take care at night when you're all alone!
Track Name: Café K.K.
On that fine day, when you came to me
I was astray, knowing nothing but
Pastries and tea, an aroma so sweet.

I was alone, in this cafe I
Sat on my own, when you caught my eye
Flashing your smile, let us sit for a while.

Coffee and pie, oh the light that
Reflects in your eye, as you tell me of
Hopes in your heart, well my dear let us start...

I know a way, let us leave from
This tiny cafe, and I'll show you the path
That will lead us to dreams come true.

Oh, how the day passes by
Dreaming of life by your side forever.

*accordion solo*

Now it is night, and the moon sets
Your features alight, I see our time must
Come to an end, but I'll see you again.

'Til that day comes, at this cafe I'll
Wait for the one, who will sit with me
Sharing the love that makes dreams come true.
One day with you.